Our dishes


Our dishes

Our dishes

Potato salad with tuna belly 7,00€

Gourmet tomato, tuna belly and red onion salad 8,90€

Crispy chicken, mango, batavia lettuce, tiger sauce, teriyaki sauce, chive and sesame seeds salad 8,90€

Tuna poke with mango, vinegared rice, tiger sauce and chinese spring onion 9,50€

Iberian ham cream croquettes (6 units) 6,50€

Cured beef and san simon cheese cream croquettes (6 units) 7,00€

Assorted croquettes 6,75€

Fried  potatoes in brava sauce 7,00€

Chicken fingers with yakiniku sauce 8,50€

Duck and vegetables rolls with sweet chilli sauce (3 units) 6,90€

Soria bacon rasher with paprika potatoes  10,00€

Roast beef sandwich with baby spinach, cured emmental cheese, sweet-sour gherkins and chef sauce 7,00€

Mini burgers: red beef, cheddar cheese and chef sauce (2 units)  6,50€

Focaccia with bologna, mozarella and arugula 7,50€

Bull’s tail in a bun with wedge cut onion, jalapeños mayo and mint leaves (1 unit) 3,50€

Cochinita pibil in a bun with guacamole and pickled red onion (1 unit) 3,50€

Spanish omelette (betanzos style) with iberian ham 9,50€

Nachos ‘muerde madrid’ style 10,00€

spicy king prawn with crispy noodles and free-range eggs 10,90€

fried free-range eggs with iberian ham chips 10,00€

Spicy tuna in cubes, with ‘wrinkled potatos’ and free-range eggs 9,90€

Korean style chicken wings, cooked at low temperature in cantonese broth with coriander, red onion and cucumber 9,90€

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