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Muerde Madrid

Muerde Madrid

Tavern in Malasaña

Muerde Madrid is your tavern in Malasaña, we are located in San Vicente Ferrer, no. 4

We have a wide selection of tapas for you, just fresh from our kitchen.

The Malasaña neighbourhood is one of the most famous in Madrid because of its tourist activity, parties, cuisine, shopping; and it is also the place where many of the most iconic bars in Madrid are placed.

Do you know why Muerde Madrid is one of Malasaña’s favourites? Not only for the variety of dishes we have but also for the large selection of wines we offer in our menu and which you will be able to enjoy in the best company and in Malasaña.

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There are many bars in Madrid, but none of them is like this one

The number of bars in Madrid is incredible, with a lot of places to have something to eat.  

The typical neighbourhood of Malasaña is one of the best for tapas, with a wide offer.  

Every corner, every cobblestone, and every place  tell a story.

‘Tapeo’ is now a way of life for many people. In Malasaña, it is something very special and therefore we would like you to visit the bars in Malasaña.

Come and meet us and enjoy the ‘tapeo’ in Malasaña with us,  tasting a great glass of wine or a jar of beer.

Muerde Madrid, your tavern in Madrid, the tavern in Malasaña.

Why Muerde Madrid is your tavern in Malasaña?

We are the best choice and there is plenty to discover about Madrid’s culture, just around the corner, like the bar mentioned in the lyrics of the song  ‘La Chica de Ayer’,  El Penta, or the bar-museum for the Movida Madrileña, Madrid Me Mata.  There are also many other mythical places such as La Vía Láctea or El Tupperware.

Muerde Madrid, the tavern in Malasaña,  will make you enjoy with its great flavours, wines, good music and the best possible atmosphere in a tavern at Malasaña.

Why Malasaña?

This is not a difficult question. There is a wide range of bars where you can enjoy a great dish.

But there are also neighbourhood bars, restaurants with more elaborated cuisine, taverns, etc. In conclusion, a great offer with a lot of places, each of them with a story to discover. But what Muerde Madrid Taberna can offer you in the wonderful neighbourhood of Malasaña is an excellent quality of food, wine and service.