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Rusian potato salad 5,50€

Season tomato with tuna belly and springs onion 8,50€

Tuna poke salad with mango and tiger sauce 9,00€

Crispy idiazabal cheese 7,50€

Iberiam ham croquettes 5,50€

Red prawn croquettes 5,50€

assorted croquettes (Red prawn and ham) 5,50€

Chicken fingers made with free-range chicken with sweet chilli sauce 8,00€

Pig´s ear in brava sauce 5,90€

Scrambled eggs with iberiam ham 8,00€

Scrambled eggs with Manchego cheese and foie 9,00€

Spanish omelette, Betanzos style, with iberiam ham (medium cooked eggs) 9,00€

Fried potatoes with eggs and spicy red tuna 8,00€

Baby squid «Andalusian style» with egg 8,00€

Soria bacon rasher 9,00€

Scrambled eggs with spicy red tuna 9,00€

Bao bun with short ribs (unit) 3,50€

Bao bun with cochinita (pork)(unit) 3,50€

Bao bunwith ear´s pig (unit) 3,50€

Ribs pizza 15,00€

Ravioli with black truffle and boletus sauce 8,00€

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